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As we sit and talk we are surrounded by all the pictures that have never been taken. That is what should guide us through a lifetime of photography.

Photography studio

Studio Pervan

The Studio Pervan web shop project presents to you a selection of fascinating photographs from the archives of Ivo Pervan’s 30-year professional career.

We seek to create and present the largest collection of photographs of Croatia, which we will add to and improve continuously with new content. Furthermore, our goal is for every photograph to be clear and characteristic artistic signature of Ivo Pervan himself, an indisputable authority in art and photography, whose work has been recognized through numerous publications, international exhibits and awards.

Ivo Pervan’s work focuses first and foremost on Croatia, its natural and cultural beauty, the lives of its people, its fascinating and unique elements. He seeks to uncover and present the unique motives that may have remained unnoticed until now, as well as to revisit other more general motives as an artistic and professional challenge, and to awaken in us all new ways to observe and enjoy.

Pervan is therefore constantly in motion, the restless explorer who through the wisdom and patience of an experienced “hunter” waits for that “right” moment when the motive speaks to him and captures it.

This passion is a source of endless undertakings and new projects, and he feels that for that purpose Croatia represents an endless wellspring. Indeed, he believes that there is a vast wealth of cultural and natural treasures that most people will never know about unless it is properly presented.

His work and relation to the beauty of Croatia have resulted in photographs that are highly aesthetic and applicable, and it hardly comes as a surprise that Pervan’s photographs have for years been an integral visual element in the very foundation of Croatia’s tourism promotion.

This web shop, as well as Ivo Pervan’s photograph collection, will contain a number of thematic categories of Croatian cultural and natural heritage. To date we have prepared around 5000 photographs reflecting the various periods of Pervan’s work, which means that along with digital photographs the collection features photographs originally taken with analogue cameras.

The collection is constantly growing, both due to the large size of the archive, as well as a constant stream of new photographs, and notifications regarding new arrivals will be available through Facebook and Newsletter. Every new batch of photographs will have a characteristic thematic tone to make the collection easy to browse and to make searching through is as effortless as possible.

Our goal is to provide you with access to a broad selection of high-quality photographs and keep you informed regarding new additions to make selecting the right photographs even easier.

The place that Ivo Pervan’s work has in Croatian photography obligates us to provide the highest quality of service which we continue to improve every day. We hope that this treasure trove that we have prepared for you will be useful to you in your future projects.

Yours truly,

Studio Pervan


Other services and products of Studio Pervan


– regional photography (regions, areas, cities)
per request, details negotiable

– event photography
per request, details negotiable

– photography workshop,
Photo-tourist tour of Split and a workshop
SUBJECT: Art and culture
DURATION: 3 hours
LOCATION: Split, Croatia
Ivo Pervan provides straightforward and simple advice on how to approach the technical aspects of photography, but more importantly, he teaches what he has spent his whole life learning: How to see, watch and observe. He asks the participants to look beyond the photograph itself, to seek the story. Every photograph you take is a collection of details, customs and local culture. That is what makes photography truly authentic and stunning.

Contact and applications

– photography workshops (per request)
details negotiable, generally refers to the previously mentioned workshop concept (see previous offer)


POSTER per selected photograph
digital print, image development (photographic paper)
base: kapafix, forex, paper, cardboard
frames: aluminium, black, white, natural wood
packaging: cardboard tube + label

WALL STICKER/DECAL per selected photograph
high quality laminated PVC foil with UV protection

CANVAS PHOTOGRAPH PRINT per selected photograph
digital canvas print, gallery-wrapped on wooden frame